From the recording Desolate Lands



It’s a long road/but I keep a stronghold/
something heavy in the cargo, and my bars cold/
I ain’t gotta tell u that it’s real cuz you all know/
I put the info all in these lines just like a barcode/
I waded through high waters, like small clothes/
I’m like a waiter servin fragrant escargot/
it’s flagrant, when I touch stages I wreck all shows/
I’m all alone as I roam the globe/jus a lonely soul/
now they ask me when I’m coming home/unbeknownst to y’all I still come and go/
fell from tall heights in life I just tuck n roll/rebuilt my character cuz I don’t kno no other roles/

this was created to touch the soul/

On everything I love, I’ma touch the throne/

I gain interest on these words , these are hustler poems/
if I ain’t gotta break it down jus tell that u want it whole/
the marathon continues a race I gotta run alone/
somewhere along the line I caught my stride and the comfort shows/
I run this game wit relentless stamina/when it comes to mannin up, make sure u man enough/
those other minds in your circle they could be cancerous/tight parameters/
only honorable men can stand wit us/
When it comes to my fam I’m just/
the foundation friends rarely support but be proud to say they think I made it/
when I stand in front of this mic I kno it’s all on me/
y’all left me stranded but I’m here if u call on me/
it’s shawn the same person that I’ll always be/
tryna break these curses the apples they don’t fall far from treees/
I’m still livin by the hustlers code/but I’m doing good it’s been years since I touched a stove/

This was created to touch the soul/

On everything I love, I’m a touch the throne/

"I'm never afraid to fail, im afraid of not trying"” - SUB810