From the recording Desolate Lands


I stand statuesque/righteous mind wit the tatted flesh/
One foot in front of the other climbin these tattered steps/
used to trap Quebec/straight out the sewer like das efx/
dodgin common threats/peep the opulence/let the pros work u a hobbyist/
buckshot from the shotty make ya body twist/burn you like a pot a grits/
conquer continents with my consonants/3fifty terrace wit the model chicks/
bottle sippin/bypassed the gatekeepers now the locks is twistin/
I got a system/but my talent don’t got a ceiling/glass roofs/
straight out the mud this grass roots/never on the fence, my body’s tense, but I act loose/
I spit pain from the days that I couldn’t smile/still held it all together like a wooden dowel/
I’m not scared of heights plus I’m not lookin down/so profound wit these sinister nouns and crooked vowels/


I hit my target audience like archery/
U should never underestimate this authors reach/
My souls torn cuz these streets keep callin me/
tunnel vision but the light at the end is hard to see/
I give you all of me/I’m great, like we all can be/
it’s all in reach/I jus gotta move cautiously/

Verse 2 Supreme Cerbral