From the recording Desolate Lands


Verse 1- Substance810

I reside at the end of the pavement/
where the sidewalk starts, always a lot of used needles where the sewer grates is/
a lot of shadowy figures most remain nameless/
some pop up at the news stand with they face on papers/
fiends stompin up and down me tryna taste the flavors/
I see young girls lost they won’t escape the mazes/
it’s Amazin, I’m the start when you trace it back/
cops park on me all day they just be takin naps/
you grew up on me sellin crack and makin stacks/
I gave you life , now it’s time I take it back/
I see so many lost, most don’t make it back/
everyday there’s blood spillin in the pavement cracks/
ppl roll dice on me, and flick blunt ashes/
pour me free liquor and say it’s for the dead homies/
many nights some slept on me/
it’s unfortunate, I know I’m cold wet and lonely/

Verse 2- King Micah

Smell the drugs, ambition, and progression

Every scar earned, came from traumatic lesson

Every car drove, left a Dope Boy impression

Hidden doors holding the pills and smith and Wesson

state patrol monitor the traffic, I crept in

If they pull me over, I’ll be gone til November

So my left hand is on 11, showing no aggression

Doing the speed limit, while Playing Otis Redding

Headed to the coney, to order my usual

At the drive through, spot my custo from the side view

The timing is beautiful, I don’t like to wait

Holding this weight,

As if I’m driving pharmaceutical

His feelings are mutual, he showed me the grip

I gave him the jar, Then pealed off with my number six

I’m hungry as shit, and I’ve been up

All night

On the block taking chances and risking my life

Verse 3- Philmore Green

Peace beloved

I’m a chip off a whole block, rock

Stuffed in the socks of a hustler with ambitions of getting a knot

Made in a pot, it’s sad to say my stay here won’t last long

I made my way to his hand strong

I destroy men woman & children, Turned building to vacant lots

The Government hate but they made the drop

From the chimney to the pavement, his eyes is surveillance

Here comes a loyal fiend pacing with a steady payment

In search of elevation, pure hand to hand changing

I’m the reason why the dealer famous

Here’s comes a car 4 thugs deep, out the window w/ heat

Birds scatter when tires screeched

His body fell when the iron peaked

He’s laying sidewalk and I fell into the streets.. next to the money weed

Cover in blood

the crackhead grabbed us them he fled the whole scene

I’m the reason the this block is mean..