From the recording Desolate Lands


Main attraction raps/the live wire/bring the passion back/
apply pressure like pliers/split the pie up/wit my guys/
you dudes useless like 3.14 equals pi/I’ll let the streets decide/
watchin through the eagles eye/evil kenievel/
clip you thru the peephole, now sleep tight/
I told my rooks is regal/I’m tryna have a crib like a cathedral on the sea side/
ya bitch stronjae in the face, I’m smokin strong Js/
flick enough ash to cover ya town like Pompeii/
make you disappear when the wand waves/leave a hole in you concave/
deep like a calm cave/the flow is a tall wave/
u try to ride it of course, but if you can’t balance the surf board u get washed away/
they often say/hard work beats talent if talent don’t work hard, that’s why I’m 20 years a slave/


DJ Grazzhoppa


You could never step where I stand/I’m a conqueror I’ll turn ya city to a desolate land/
let’s set the precedent/I’ll make sure u get the point if u pressin it/
don’t question my plans/it’s evident I got the evidence/
look what I’m dressed in, this ain’t the sauce this the dressin/
swingin swords with benevolent hands/deep gems like treasure chests left in the sand/
u get the message/’s my pleasure my friend/kings reign over peasants let the lessons begin/
manipulate words finessin the pen/in ways you never heard/it hit like a strong right and left to ya chin/
just to revive the essence/never to be echoed again/hard to duplicate this/
I heard the noise u and ya crew be makin/non-palatable undercooked like sushi bacon/
I’m on fire like Cali bro/feel free to hop on the bandwagon, this a classic studebaker/