From the recording Desolate Lands


This remind me of 06/got chills when I wrote this/
a lot of us is dope but who’s the most potent/
writin countless hours here’s another novel/
remain valiant/never cower/I just want the power/
stay patient and remain humble/I built a kingdom from mere rubble/
relentless hustle, in winter I rock the guess bubble/
these days it’s more progress and less struggle/
once I put together all the pieces I was less puzzled/
my words speak loud I keep the rest subtle/
my circle full of kings u know how we comin/
hit the ground runnin/enough heat for 1,000 summers/
now it’s like we got a power summit/
the deck is stacked so tell me how we bluffin/
I’m tryna make my kids proud of something/
shots echo through this desolate land it sounds loud as thunder/


Sometimes it feels like I’m breaking through/
And that’s the moment that I kno I gotta make a move/
I will achieve what I came to do/
I bring my pain to you/and paint it true/


U feel the vibes deeply/I spin a ditch and then conside briefly/
I decided that I won’t subside/I’m written rhymes weekly/
they teleport me to divine scenery/appearin wealthy but I’m broke inside/
can’t let my mind defeat me/that’s why I’m tweakin/
on this timed sequence/colorful and textured like a sequin/
breathin deep, before I speak on these beats it’s like a form a release/
to last the 4 seasons/workin while u snorin sleepin/
when Covids over we bookin tours in Egypt/like some born leaders/
frequent flyer miles sourin frequent/this a sworn legion/
my eye is the all seein/what u spit is more facetious/
my lines resonate from the block dealers to corporate speakers/
if it’s more u seekin/you’ll find my sound if u explore my region/
I’m from a unknown city I’m tryna be the beacon/