From the recording Desolate Lands



We take a slice of bread then we make a loaf/

The circles small, prick ya finger then you Take a oath

Art of war, we humble em and then we take control/

Raw no baking soda, dog, hope u takin notes/


Rappin raw straight up out the Pyrex/
pockets bulgin like a bicep/that’s how I flex/
u got some gall/u think u hard, nah not at all/
u soft as a cotton ball/watch ya jaw/for I knock it off/
Im whippin words up in pots and jars/hard like chewin pasta raw/
flyin saucer bars/Every line inner connect/enter my mind/
my intellect energized/look alive cuz I been a threat/
relying on the God in me no mystery, I’m in the booth shootin like pistol Pete/
this a breeze/my whole life is like a lucid dream/
infectious like a new disease/got em sayin is who is/
Ayo it’s sub who u thought it was?/
got it out the mud most of y’all jus bought ya buzz/
you kno the fame is a grave addiction/I made something outta scraps like slaves and chitlins/

Verse 2 Dango Forlaine

Dope shit

Swan hypnosis I got explosives strapped to the house of the potus

(Take notice)

The goldsmith

Watch me hang niggas wit no rope

It’s the most potent

Virtuoso Like Josef

My island floating

Like Ali part seas like Moses

No rift between me and my team we taking oaths bitch

Swanny lead the culture

Telepathic force choke ya favorite rapper

Make him submit to the utmost

My scenery cutthroat

Greenery much growth

Profits abound exceedingly because my cuts gross

Off top,


Meteor strikes hit ya dome split ya wig like we tryna search for lice

It’s the Christ

Take a seat before ya get beheaded

And be another conspiracy thread on Reddit