From the recording Desolate Lands



I take care wit these lines, like a architect/
on ya mark get set/go, this the hardest yet/
skull and crossbones all that marks ya death/
flesh rottin in the sun like large profess/
easy eatins for the jackals and the hyenas/
wild heathens/ scower the land killin for foul reasons/
blood curdlin screams fill the air like a loudspeaker/
voices from below I hear the ground speakin/
you start to ripen then vultures come/
ya souls begun/to exit ya body decomposed and numb/
put u in the sky like the golden sun/
long sword draggin in the sand I’m the chosen one/
u fell quickly from the Apex/
canines crunching through cartilage while they ate flesh/
the brown sand turned to red/
blood stained steps, left a trail that lead directly to ya day of death/


U can’t escape I kno u on the run/
I get excited when it’s one on one/
I been out here all night, here comes the sun/
time for fun, thrill of the hunt/ x2

Pro Dillinger Verse 2

"I'm never afraid to fail, im afraid of not trying"” - SUB810