From the recording Desolate Lands



It’s like they rappin jus to rhyme words/Incoherent cuz the lines blurred/
lost shepherds leadin a blind herd/I greet the youth and speak the truth cuz I see it real/
u ever had ya life taken without being killed/I play my hand and many times I had to follow suit/
range road in my momma basement and nobody knew/but this time it molded something unstoppable/
I wrote dark clouds in a gown inside a hospital/create the best when the pains great/
all that I reflect is just my names sake/(substance) feelin like im drownin in the Great Lakes/
shackles on my ankles u jus watchin as the chains break/a dollar short and a day late/
they need someone to relate to I’m the mainstay/mask off so I never gotta save face/
cannon ball splash when I hit the pad wit my brainwaves/

HOOK- Josiah The Gift

The elder told me the music don’t make much sense/
the shit they giving the youth is making my gut wrench/
I’m upset so you gotta give’em substance(X2)
that shit you saying I’ll have’em like you up next/
bring the truth when you battle that be the gut check/
fuck press you just gotta give’em the substance(X2)


Substance/since a teen i knew I loved this/
my life always existed between the snare and the drum kick/
never was granted one wish/got my hands dirty fuck the luck shit/
I’m limited, premium deluxe/I’m determined if there’s no door then I’ll chisel steps/
cuz one thing I can’t live with is regret/till my heart stops till my last livin breath/
determined to be known as one of those that did it best/speak the emotions that we all hide/
me and my sister met as adults we makin up for the lost time/
I really think that she’s the only one that understands/
I would give my life to secure hers but I’m jus a man/baby sis u a queen they can’t talk u down/
when u feelin low, keep ya head up and put on your crown/cuz i kno we gon make it somehow/
could never picture life without you, ya big bro’s proud/