From the recording Desolate Lands



Break the chess board down and put the pieces up/spillin my heart I’m jus leakin guts/
we barely clean it up cuz we need dust/the loud racket makes the people come/and gather while we beat the drums/
livin indecent even after we leave the slums/the grief is egregious/ meetin demons wit evil tongues/they speakin deceivin/
my only greetin is peace and love/but still keep the snub, or .40 HK, pistol grip on the 12 gauge/
arrived early in class before the bell rang/unscathed, traveled through hell’s flames/returned home to a land desolate/
the plans evident/I drew a line in the sand/my hometown/ is where ghosts found/I made my bones here now I bury em/
don’t mention me in ya little city lists when they float around/ima different caliber u all should kno now/
I bee doin this for decades homie/Student of the game I could write a essay on this/
shine like a pharaoh, the neck stay golden/we provide the feelin jus press play on it/


(How many times) how many times me and Chan gotta give u that raw? U know jus what we on!

(How many times) how many times I gotta open old wounds, dig in my scars, and make a song

(How many times)

This ain’t a race it’s a marathon/heavyweight to carry so I carry on/

(How many times) the answer to that is infinity/express the inner me/through street symphonies/


Used to weigh grams on the counter/now when I hit Cali I’m in Santa Monica/and they know my moniker/
I’m prolly jus/stoppin in my Wally’s crushed/suede, all white like the powder come from papi/
who can stop me/all ya apologies sound like Luca brazi/sleep with fishes the body was found my scuba divers/
throughout my life I learned true survival/life’s a windin road be careful what you choose to follow/
outta all the jewels in the treasure chest I shine the brightest/
lines predict the future what some would describe as psychic/ so every rhyme I write is like a science/
rare gems up for auction for the wise buyer/my minds heightened/only converse with divine likeness/
on my way to enlightenment/more than a rhyme writer/expose light until I shine brighter/
I’m nicer, spendin time wit these bars like a lifer/