From the recording F## You Talmbout

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Raw Soundz ENT
SILLE Music Publishing Worldwide


I used to care about the radio and how to gain spins/now my only focus is bars that make ya face cringe/i ain’t tryna make hits/I create turbulence like when a plane shifts/Daniel son wit the crane kick/ came up in the basement/sharpies on a blank disk/now audio fiends just stream see how the game shifts/so bang this, a orgy for ya ear holes/if you don’t feel this then you a weirdo/I only get excited when the deals closed/cuz I know I live a life that you would kill fo/in 09 I paid my plugs and I walked away/blow dried and hotcombed the money now its long and straight/oops... I’m lyin I’m broke/now the cats out the bag and the lion is woke/you not a true head ya top 5 is a joke/anyhow there’s some lines you can quote/

We only concerned wit real barz over here/
All ya fairy tale rhymes I don’t wanna hear it/
Ain’t gotta say it’s our time cuz that’s all year/
And even when I die, ima rhyme in spirit/


When I die I’ll be a rappin ghost/treat the studio like the kitchen I’m jus baggin dope/classic quotes, facts spoke, in every track I wrote/magnum opus, hot as magma flowin, you don’t want no smoke/watch close I’ll show you how to turn coal to a diamond/perfect timing, even I gotta decipher when I rhyme it/I am, like a modern day Mayan/all I do is build, scribin lines on papaya/until the truths revealed/you should kneel/I’m smooth as a coupe deville/but still, something you should fear, ima prove it here/fa real, im pshycho wit the vernacular/what I write, they wait on, and predict it like when the rapture comin/
Drummin/and that’s me on the pads and buttons/sounds like easy math when we do the numbers/
These days a MC is like a oddity/ I’m
bringin bars back like mumble rappers at the pharmacy/